What IS Facebook Doing Wrong?


Facebook LoserFacebook what are you doing wrong?  You just launched Graph Search and while it is a cool tool for the tech savvy users not everyone is admiring it due to the privacy issues that are piggy-backed to it.

Now you are coming out with a brand new Timeline which is set to clean up the look of being too cluttered and bring some sexiness to us with the streamlined appearance and the new photo displays.  I am sure the Instagram users will really like the fact that their photos are now going to be twice as big as before.

I teach Facebook classes at the local computer club and the people who come to learn are what we lovingly call “Senior Citizens”.  I don’t mind your changes, it gives me more to teach and talk about. However when I showed them Graph Search (and they will never understand the name) they all gave it a thumb’s down because the last thing they use Facebook for is a search engine.

Over the past several weeks I have been getting bored with what appears on my newsfeed and I do understand what it takes to get engagement with my friends.  In fact I have always been bothered by the fact that you, Facebook, have the “big brother is watching you” algorithm going for you.

I don’t think you were prepared for the fact that Tumblr, Pinterest and Instagram (even though you own that one) were going to steal away the younger Facebook users.  I am guessing not too many of you were in scouting where being prepared is a way of life.

Pew Research Center recently reported that people are “suffering” with something called Facebook Fatigue.  As many as 61% of users have taken a hiatus for many reasons but boredom ranked high.

What are you going to do about this Facebook?

I am growing increasingly tired of you too.  I have customers who love being there so I write wonderful posts for them (shameless self-promotion statement) but it is discouraging to me that only about 16-19% of their fans see the posts.  I am discouraged that 16-19% see my updates.

You have lost that loving feeling Facebook and I am not sure you will find it again.



One thought on “What IS Facebook Doing Wrong?

  1. Rowena Starling

    I hope they’re reading your blog. My sentiments exactly. It’s annoying that I paid for all those ‘Like’s on my biz page and they are ‘deciding’ who get to see me. ARrrgggg.

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