What Should You Do with a Negative Comment?


When someone hits me with a negative comment guess what I do.

A) I go sit in the corner and cry

B) I plot all kinds of evil revenge

C) I get negative back

D) All of the above

Killing the Roadrunner

Okay Okay I do not do any of those things because no one puts the butterfly in the corner.

What do I do?  If I can reach out (privately) to the person that posted something ugly and come to some resolution then I post something about being happy (BS) that we could reach an agreement.

This obviously doesn’t work with every Haterade guzzling person.

What shouldn’t you do?  Don’t take it down unless of course it threatens your life, your mother, your dog, your cat – you get the idea.  By the time you see it 100 or more other people have seen it so taking it down makes you look like you have something to hide.


Two years ago I entered a contest to win a cruise on Facebook.  The contest included telling my story in 1000 words and one morning I opened my email to learn I was one of five finalists.  WHAM! BAM! I was thrown into the wild wacky world of trolling for votes.  All 5 stories were put on line and people had to vote either by email or on Facebook for the story they liked best.  Two of my closest friends voted for all 5 of us – I don’t talk to them anymore (kidding).

I won but there was a couple on the west coast who tried to say I had “paid for votes” by doing this – are you ready?  One of my friends offered a one hour computer clean up for free to one of her FB friends if they all voted for me.  Seriously a computer clean up is such an awesome reason to vote.

The company that ran the contest wasn’t too thrilled with this west coast couple because they got really down and dirty with their posts and accusations.

I did go into a corner and pout over this attack.

I asked if the posts could be taken down, and the answer was that the posts needed to stay for 3 days.  OMG that was brutal.

During those 3 days I played Nancy Drew detective and I found a post where one of this couple’s friends offered a trip for votes.  Now that trip offer trumped my friend’s computer clean up.  After I gloated for a day I sent the offer to the company and the negative comments came down on day 3.

I got to thinking about that 3 day decision and realized that there must be an emotional connection to allowing an negative comment to live on a wall for 3 days.  My guess is it appeases the complainer and maybe it takes 3 days to move on from anger/disappointment/whatever.

Last week it happened on a Facebook page I manage.  An unhappy woman complained that she had missed out on an opportunity to join a sold out event because we did not get back to her.  It was quite the “disappointed” comment and she got no validation, nada.

On the 3rd day I took it down if she comes back she will have to go away into “banned land”, but I am hoping it made her feel better to have her negative comment live for 3 days.

And that is how I handle negative comments and how I handle my customer’s negative comments too.



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