What Would W C Fields Say About Podcasting?


What would W C Fields say about podcasting?  First of all, I know darn well some of you don’t even know who W C Fields is.  If you are one of them here is where you should go to check him out:


A truly funny, wise man, who loved his booze and not a lot of other things.

A truly funny, wise man, who loved his booze and not a lot of other things.

I never really paid much attention to him either – he was WAY before my time and his antics probably tickled my grandparent’s funny bones. However, he did have a way with words and he is still quoted (or misquoted) to this very day.

What I learned and really put some thought into is this quote:

“It ain’t what they call you, it’s what you answer to.”

I answer to creativity and I am very expressive therefore my anthem is that I am an Expressive Creator. (Thank you Sally Hogshead for your Fascinate program and teaching me my anthem.

I enjoy my creativity to the max.  I enjoy doing my podcast.  I like where I am and it’s all okay.  People ask me all the time if I make money podcasting.  The answer is yes, but my podcast itself is not monetized.  I make money helping other people podcast and I am fine with that.

Would I like sponsors some day – who wouldn’t?  However, I am happy where I am and I actually cringe when people ask me if my show is monetized.  There is absolutely nothing wrong with just enjoying what you do.

I answer to Expressive Creator.  There are podcasters who would call me fluff.  They would say I podcast as a hobby.  They might cringe because I am more interested in adding value to someone else’s world than I am in making money.

Is there anything wrong with just enjoying what you do?  Hell to the no is my answer.

I am writing this in hopes that I might turn on the light bulbs in people’s heads and that they will realize that they, too are right where they should be and they will embrace that.

What would W C Fields say about podcasting?  My guess is that he would say something like this:

“Attitude is more important than the past, than education, than money, than circumstances, than what people do or say. It is more important than appearance, giftedness, or skill.”

Oh, wait W C Fields did say that.  Thank you so much W C Fields.


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