Why I Go to Conferences


A week ago I was still recovering from spending 5 magnificent days in Chicago at Podcast Movement 16 and I never even got to the magnificent mile.  I was on Michigan Avenue though for dinner several times with some of my tribe members as well as family.

I am a Cleveland hometown gal, and I married a Chicago hometown guy, and I have lived in Chicago 3 times in my life and miss it madly until it snows.

If I won the lottery tomorrow I would move back and live there from from July 1 – December 31.  I could take a little cold weather and a little snow before heading back to the sunshine state.

The last night we were there we spent 90 minutes on the lawn at Grant Park listening to the Grant Park Symphony Orchestra play Cole Porter.  It was a walk down memory lane to be back.  We stayed at the Hyatt Regency and our room overlooked the beauty of Michigan Ave and the river.


So many memories here.

So many memories here.

our room

Backing up to the real reason we were there was the conference.  Podcast Movement 16 was overflowing with podcasters and soon-to-be podcasters.  Over 1500 people had registered for the event and the event delivered.

I have to give myself a pat on the back now because I was fortunate and honored to be a presenter and I talked about some great hacks people can use to get more eyeballs on them and their shows on social media.  I heard I did great.

My Name

My presentation in a drawing.

My presentation in a drawing.

This conference was sold out.

I am constantly reminding people to get out there are get in other’s faces.  Meet people, shake hands, listen to them, connect them when they need a connection.  Have fun! This is me having fun:

I am the Muppet in the middle.

I am the Muppet in the middle.

However the real reason I go to conferences is to go on vacations and stay with friends.  JUST KIDDING. However we did get invited to Israel (we are going in May, 2017).  We got invited to come up to Franklin, TN., to stay with friends in Valencia, Spain, and just last week an invite came to visit another podcaster and see his set up in Mobile, AL. I am going.  I did get two possible trips out of this conference, and I am thrilled to have made great connections like these.

Now I have an invitation for you.

I have a Mon-Fri show segment called in http://thecrazymarketingladiesshow.com called Less Than 5 where I share marketing tips in less than 5 minutes – perfect for drive time listening.

In this same site you can listen to our longer interviews with entrepreneurs.  Robyn Sayles just interviewed a gal who books heavy metal bands into concerts.  I just went live with Meg Le Vu and her best selling book on video marketing.  Check out our list of great interviews.

We also have the segment “Power Women Speak” and later today there will be a “noisy” fun interview with Edie Berg who lives in Israel (yes the very person I am going to go see) and I interviewed her in the hotel so there was some background noise.

Then if anyone is interested in WWII I have a podcast on Blog Talk Radio called The Nearness of You where I talk about the war, read my dad’s love letters home, and I will be bringing interviews on soon with people who served, memories of families and so much more.

The link to this show is:


The Nearness of You

The basis of this show is to keep my dad’s memory alive and share it with my family, it is growing though to others and I am so happy about this.

There you go I have shared my latest adventures and I hope when you have the chance to be out there more you will take that chance.  Opportunies are everywhere, you have to rise up at times to meet them.

Carole L. Sanek

Butterfly Boom Productions