Resolutions Yay or Nay?


We all make them.  Magazine articles jump out at us, talk show hosts talk about making them to their audiences, and we discuss them with friends.  We may even write them down, but they rarely get to completion.  Why?


Well let’s dive in.  I did some research and while I don’t completely agree with the reasons I found in this first article, there are still some good points in it.

Then I found a really interesting article on why we small business owners fail at keeping our resolutions.


Over this past month I have had the opportunity to think about how much I have changed since the beginning of the year, and I realized a lot of that change came about from my podcast show.  First of all it was a huge undertaking and that in itself is an achievment I am very proud of for certain.  However on a much bigger scale most of my changes have happened due to the incredible guests I have been privileged to talk with who have given me a new weapon in life to carry and to use.  It’s like having my own light sabre.  It’s invisible but I know it is there. Women who don’t take shit from others can be very empowering – thank you.

So just in case you don’t know how to listen to the podcast, here is a link:

After talking with powerful women on my show I decided to stop being nice to everyone because I finally realized that I don’t have to – what a load fell off my back when I realized that. I am not saying I am deliberately rude or mean.  Heavens no, I just remove people from my life that test my “kindness meter”. I totally broke up with a group of women because I did not want them in my life or renting space in my head.  Then I ran into several of them and my invisible light sabre was at my side but I did not have to unsheath it. I was empowered – just knowing I had my invisible light sabre close was all I needed.

I don’t like everyone I meet and that’s ok, and it’s ok if they don’t like me back.  It’s really ok.  Try it, I guarantee you will not miss those that you move on from, and you will feel so much better.  You will actually focus on what you need to focus on by moving past them. FOCUS FOCUS rhymes with hocus-pocus.

Making changes like this are a form of a resolution.  I resolved I wasn’t going to put up with mean girl tactic bullshit any longer.  Can you see where I am headed?  We all have the power to make changes all the time, not just at the beginning of a new year.  Make the changes and resolve to keep those changes in your life (with the exception of any that really are not good changes).

Then one day someone suggested I read Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear by Elizabeth Gilbert. Her book is my bible now representing many areas of my life.  I took notes, I am reading it a second time, that is how good it is – and I channel Gilbert now quite often.  When she comes to me it’s all about eating, praying and saying fuck off.  It works.  Gilbert drops the F Bomb too.

Gilbert’s book gave me permission to be me.  I am right where I want to be.  I am happy.  I enjoy my creativity.  I enjoy the hell out of podcasting.  It’s ok to be right where I am.  I highly recommend reading this book.

Earlier this year someone confused my podcast with the idea that I wanted to make money doing it.  I never started my podcast thinking I would make money.  My goal was to help others, to bring entrepreneurs free advice, good information, great guests and wonderful stories.  I do that and I am happy.  As a result of doing this I am building a podcast for someone else.  We bartered it out so yes my being a podcaster has made me money.

Other changes happened and when they did I resolved to keep them in place.  My business is national not local, and I realized that I was being too local.  Making the decision to not move forward with a membership networking group was the right direction to take.  If/when the ROI isn’t really happening take inventory.  I can reach out to many more people with this blog, on social media, at meetups, on webinars, and all from my home office.  What about you?  What can you do to make yourself stand out without putting your key in the ignition of your car?

I will still network but I am much more selective about it now.  I can’t be everywhere like some people are, and quite frankly I don’t want to be. I have work to do. I am booming.

I discovered that the more positive changes I made in my life brought even more opportunities to me.  Funny how that works.  Someone told me earlier this year to never do anything for free.  That is the worst piece of advice ever.  I volunteered to help an organization as their social media mentor and in less than a month I got two of the biggest clients I have ever had.  Volunteering is a great thing to do.  LinkedIn agrees and wants you to include your volunteer experience on your profile.  Go do it.

I am working on goals for 2016 – nothing wrong with goals.  I am following the SMART goal-setting advice I got from a guest on the show.  I want to do more public speaking in 2016.  I have 3 invitations already and I am applying to be a speaker at an international event.    Set goals – it works.  Save your resolutions for changes you make when you realize it is time to make them and then keep the ones that work in place.  That’s how I make resolutions.

Happy Holidays and plan to rock in 2016 ok?  Make it one of your goals – write it down, follow the SMART plan – and get rid of the Zombies in your life.  Resolve to do that.

Are you ready?  Did you set goals?  Forget the resolutions.

Are you ready? Did you set goals? Forget the resolutions.






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