Why The World Doesn’t Need a Dislike Option on Facebook


Why doesn’t the world need a dislike option on Facebook?  For the same reason Google + will never have a G- option.  It’s just too negative.

According to FB product engineer, Bob Baldwin, there will likely never be a “dislike” button because it encourages negative social interaction.

It will – there is already a tremendous amount of negativity on Facebook.  It takes a little longer to type out an ugly comment than to hit an dislike option right?

Those of us who are in business are constantly being reminded that we should never blast anyone on Facebook or any other social media platform.  People still do even after being warned.  It’s human nature to slap a post up when we feel we have been wronged and easier than reaching out to slap someone.

People get really brave when they think they are 99% anonymous, the problem lies in the fact that anonymity is not protected.  You post, you are there.  Better to have a picture of a Facebook dislike option taped to your computer screen that you can poke and move on from than to put anything in writing.

I am glad that Facebook, and Google, have taken this stand.  Sucky people will always suck, kudos Facebook and Google for staying the course.



3 thoughts on “Why The World Doesn’t Need a Dislike Option on Facebook

  1. Deborah Boza-Valledor

    I second those kudos and raise you a Bravo Facebook! You are so right ~ there’s already enough negativism out there…if you don’t like something, don’t click on the Like button.

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