Would You Go 2000 Miles to Find a Mate?


Well, would you go 2000 miles to find a mate?

The Monarch butterfly does.  Not many people know this.  2000 miles is a lot of flying for a creature as fragile as a Monarch butterfly.

Add to this the fact that their mating grounds is in the middle of an area in central Mexico that the drug cartels seem to also exist.

Millions of these beautiful butterflies migrate every year mostly from the eastern US and Canada.  They arrive in late October to early November to hibernate among the fir trees where they are found hanging together in large clusters of what appears to be fall leaves.

In February they start to wake up from the warm sun and they start to do gymnastic movements to enchant a mate.

Here is the heartbreaking part of this beautiful story – most Monarchs live only 4-5 weeks.  I am so sorry – it is sad.  After mating the female lays her eggs on the road north and then they die along with the males.  A year and 5 butterfly generations later they return south again to exactly the same place.

What does this story have to do with social media?  Good question.  Maybe nothing, maybe something, maybe an incredible opportunity.

Would you travel 2000 miles to find business?  I would, I have.  Social media and online access to things allows us to virtually travel 2000 miles with ease.  However if your instincts tell you that physically traveling 2000 miles to get business would be a big deal maker, do it.  I did.  Think like a Monarch butterfly – follow your instincts. The great thing about it is you don’t have to die at the side of the road,  You can “fly” home!Monarch Butterfly


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