You Have a Personal Brand, Right?


You have a personal brand, right?  That’s the topic for today.  If you don’t then you need to fire up your branding iron now because you need to leave a personal mark.  It’s not like you can lift your leg and mark your territory like a dog can.   You need to leave your mark, your personal  brand in the minds of those you want to do business with or receive referrals from on a regular basis.  This is different than your business brand.  Chances are most people know what you do – this is all about your personal brand.

You have to have a personal brand.  It represents what you stand for in a way that defines you and sets you apart.

You exist on two tracks today.  There is you in the real world and you in the digital world.  You have to manage both areas.  It’s critical.

A lot of people do Google you before they meet you.  This is why your online presense needs to match who you are when people meet you in person – this is why you need a personal brand.

Don’t think of personal branding as bragging.  I know some people do, but you can put yourself out there without looking like a narcissist.  Start by being genuine.  When your personal brand is a genuine expression of your core values, it focuses your attention on actions you should be taking – and it also makes it very clear on what you should avoid.

Let’s talk about what your personal brand is not about:

  • your job
  • your elevator pitch
  • your LinkedIn profile
  • your Google search results
  • how you look
  • your way of relating to others
  • how you decorate your office

What is your personal brand?

  • what you believe in
  • your reputation
  • what others say about you when you leave the room

Think about it this way – your personal brand tells people what you stand for – and stand up for, so make sure your behavior emulates this.

Why should you brand yourself?  It will give clarity on what your contributions can be in a situation.

How about knowing with a good personal brand you will get new opportunities?

Who are you?  Not what is your business but who are you?  What's your personal brand?

Who are you? Not what is your business but who are you? What’s your personal brand?

Then there is this – a brand increases your influence, your ability to persuade and make things happen for yourself and others.

Personal branding is not easy for everyone and I will be bringing you more information on personal branding soon.


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