You Need Social Media – You Know You Do

and we can help you be so good.

and we can help you be so good.

You need social media – you know you do.  There is no way around it.  Either you have to do it , and boy you better be doing it the right way, OR you need to hire someone to do it, and they better be doing it the right way too.

Why do you need social media?  Obviously because everyone else is doing it and it is THE way to get leads and convert them into sales.

We get inquiries all the time, and we do not close every inquiry.  First of all there are people we would not work with for different reasons.  We are fussy and we only take clients we know we can help.  Anyone see anything wrong with that?

When we get an inquiry we do a FREE consultation.  We look at everything.  Social media platforms, websites, blogs, everything.  And, yes, we do this for FREE.  We share with you where you need improvement.  We give you guidance.  We even give you a score – oh yes we have a social media scoring system.

What Don’t We Do?

Do not ask us for a proposal, we don’t do them.  We already did a FREE consultation.  What we do give you is a price.  In fact we give you several prices.  We give you a package price, we give you menu prices.  We ask if our pricing is in your budget, if it is then a discussion takes place that sounds like a proposal – your job is to take notes.  If our pricing is not in your budget we all move on and there are no hard feelings.

We like to keep things easy.

You have a decision to make.  Should you do it yourself or should you hire someone?  Here are some things to think about:

Can I/Do I Have the Time to Keep My Social Media Current?

The good news is social media works.  The bad thing is it takes work.  Daily work.  Consistent work. You have to keep it current and trending.  You need to set time aside every day (yes weekend too) and you need to post something.  If you cannot make this commitment you probably need a social media manager.

Can I Afford to Hire a Social Media Manager?

One of the biggest deciding factors will likely be cost.  It is less costly to outsource.  Bringing an employee on means benefits and salaries.  You might not have a marketing budget.  If this is the case you could hire a college student, or an intern but you know that eventually they will move on so you start over.   Then there is the trust issue.  If you go the route of hiring or outsourcing a confidentiality agreement is a must.

Do I Know the Social Media Market?

An expert in any field puts the time and effort into learning everything possible about that field. A great social media manager attends classes, webinars, reads books on social media and possibly invests money in attending the best conferences where they learn from the best.  Social media is not about slapping up a post – any old post – in five minutes or less and thinking everything is fine.  There is so much work that is done behind the scene – guess what social media is a full time job.

Do I Have a Social Media Marketing Plan?

Social media managers are strategists.  They design a plan and they make sure it is being followed.  In the business we call it a content calendar and this is used to “train” your fans to look for your posts.  Planning an event?  A social media manager will help make that event a huge success because they know how to get eyeballs on it. Not only that, they post (write) original content.  There are low-cost companies out there that will do your social media for you and this is what they offer for $99/month.

  • A daily Facebook post
  • A daily Twitter post
  • A daily LinkedIn post

There may be a few more things they do, but you need to know something right now – this won’t work.  Sorry.  Worse yet there is a good chance what they post for you is the same thing they post for others.  $99 is a lot of money for 3 posts a day on 3 platforms that will get you a nothing-zero.  Donate the $99 to charity and start over.

Do I Have Objectivity?

You know your business.  You probably know it too well which is why when people do their own social media, many times they sound really spammy.  A social media manager can create a a voice for your business.  The owner of McDonald’s Corporation probably did not come up with the phrase “You deserve a break today.” Madison Avenue marketing experts did,

How To Find the Right Person?

The truth of the matter is nobody loves your business or knows your business like you do.  Get recommendations.  You don’t want automation in social media.  Google will spot it in a flash and you won’t get any good Google Juice.

The right person or company is going to cost some money – have a budget.  We were looking at companies that do social media for people – indepth social media for people.  There are companies that charge between $2000 and $8000 a month to do full service social media.  We don’t believe everyone needs full service social media.  In fact we recommend you hire a social media manager who will work on 2 platforms and then when those are going well train you how to do them.  It is a lot easier to do it right when you learn from good people.  Once you take over the social media manager can move on to working on several new platforms expanding your reach.

By the way our pricing is no where near what others are charging, then again we aren’t $99 a month either – remember you get what you pay for so choose wisely.  You can see more about our pricing by clicking the tab that reads “Consultations/Set Up Pricing”.




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