ThriveLive Zone Daily

Welcome to information about my podcast.

My podcast is a flash briefing on Alexa and you can find it by going to and enable it there. This is the website to do that:

You can also find it on your smart phone on your Alexa app by adding it to your flash briefings – add it there ThriveLive Zone Daily and ask Alexa to play it with your other flash briefings. It is amazing!!!

The important thing I need from you, the gift you can give me is to do a review, and if you scroll down on the above link you will see where you can leave a review – THANKS.

Search for the podcast by name ThriveLive Zone Daily and you can follow it there on audible how cool is that? You can share it too or put it on social media when it resonates with you. All my podcasts are there.

If you listen to podcasts on iTunes, Spotify or Google podcasts here are the links:

iTunes users can find me here:

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And you can find me on Amazon Music here: