I won’t mince words, you are here visiting my site because you want to soar. You do not want to be a bird in a cage, or that lone bird sitting at the top of the tree. You know you were born to soar, so how do you do that? 

Coming here was your first step in the right direction.

Let me give you a brief introduction on how I fixed my broken wing and took to the skies.

I had been doing what I do best, write. I had a booming business where all I did was to write for other people. I wrote their advertising copy; I wrote their blogs; I did their social media for them. I love to write. 

I added podcasting to my repertoire, and for 3 years I ran 2 podcasts. Doing this brought me invitations to speak at conferences all over the country.

In the middle of all of this, I added a weekly livestream on Facebook called #ThriveLive and it has been going strong for 3+ years. I livestream at 7:30EDT on Tuesdays please join us there. We have great conversations and I call it “free coaching”.

Every thing I did, every step I took, made me realize I like helping people. In fact, every new idea I gave birth to was actually a step towards becoming a coach. I just did not know that until the fateful day in February 2019 when my husband had a massive stroke and eventually died.

Everything I had been doing also died because I not only lost the love of my life, he was my business partner. He was my engineer behind the scenes. He was my tech support, and I couldn’t handle it without him.

I had so much to process physically and emotionally. I wrote a daily journal post every morning on Facebook and 13 weeks later I brought #ThriveLive back. 

It was about this time that my fans suggested I write a book. I waited almost a year before starting, and my book “Fractured-Living with Grief” is available on Amazon.com. It was during this time that those same fans told me how much my writing helped them. That was my lightbulb moment. That was when I took the courses that led me to become a certified life coach. 

I just hung my shingle with a wellness company and I am so excited to announce you can find me as a certified spiritual life coach at https://heal.me/carolelsanek

Yes, I still write my morning thoughts on Facebook, and yes, these thoughts are “group coaching” and, of course, free. If you want to locate me on Facebook use this: https://www.facebook.com/carolelynnesanek

I also have a closed group that I refer to as my super-secret group and it is https://www.facebook.com/groups/thrivelivethrivezone

On Instagram I am mourningthoughtsbycarole

Then there is my brand new podcast named ThriveLive Zone Daily. It is less than 2 minutes and available on Alexa devices through Alexa Flash Briefings or anywhere you listen to podcasts, iTunes, Spotify, Google Podcast and more. 

It can also be found directly here: http://thrivelive.podbean.com

If you are here though, you found me not because of my morning thoughts but because you want to soar. I am here to help you do this. What makes me so good at soaring, you wonder? As I wrote at the beginning, my broken wing healed and I am soaring. Did I have help? Yes, of course I did. No one can navigate flying without lessons.

One more thing I have 2 upcoming releases. “Forgive” will be released in the early summer as an eBook on Amazon and I just launched “Firewalkers” there is a separate page here on the website where you can read more about this project. I am so excited and busy.