I won’t mince words, you are here visiting my site because you are grieving, or you know someone who is grieving. It would be so nice to connect for a different reason, however grief has brought us together.

Let me give you a brief introduction to my grief and why I now work in this field. 

In February 2019, my beloved husband suffered a massive stroke and died in my arms. He was my partner in business, in life, in love, and the only thing I could do was write my feelings down every day. Eventually all who read my posts encouraged me to write a book. I wrote it in 4 months and then I knew I needed to finish my education and I finished a course in becoming a certified life coach. This set the pattern of my new normal. I realized I felt good when I was helping people. 

When reviews were written about me and my book someone wrote I was the grief whisperer and many people agreed with that term. My goal is to support others who grieve. We all grieve in different ways, but the common thread is that we loved and now we grieve. No one can avoid grief because we never wanted to avoid love.

I could take you back through the years of grief I have been exposed to however it was the sudden death of my husband that brought me to my knees. When I tried to stand I fell again hearing the words “you have PTSD.”