I love trying something new. I love trying something that scares me to do, because in doing it there is a reward. There will be lessons, there will be frustration, there will be joy.

I am writing a new book. I will complete at the end of 2024. My goal is to sell it to a documentary filmmaker or become a film producer myself.

I am so excited. I have had the advice of a filmmaker. I have had advice from an award-winning TV show producer. I have had advice from a leading expert in video production. Now I am condensing all of that and heading off to the National Association of Broadcasters in Las Vegas soon. I will learn a lot there, more than I probably need to know. I am ready.

I cannot spill any more details now. If you know me, you know I always say don’t tell your ideas to anyone. What I can share is this is part of my legacy. I love storytelling and I know this will be an inspirational and uplifting project.

WAIT – DON’T LEAVE – HERE IS MY NEW BUSINESS CARD AND YES THE PROJECT HAS A NAME – FIREWALKERS…and the tagline will tell the rest of the story.

front of business card
The QR code comes here to this website.