Hello Again.

I am going to take a guess here. You have probably already looked at my home page and that page gives you a great idea as to who I am. I am extremely transparent in all that I have done, no secrets, or I should say no secrets that would affect working with me.

Goodness, no. I have been a helper since college. I worked as a nurse for years. When I moved forward from floor nursing, I held many other positions in medicine, many of them being related to cancer treatments.

I was born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio. I raised 3 children there and once that accomplishment was done; it was time for my next adventure outside of motherhood.

I moved to Chicago and then to Champaign, IL. Richmond, Virginia, was next and then to an island off the coast of Florida. Somewhere in those years came a diagnosis of breast cancer.

I did a lot of work under the pink umbrella. I did many fund-raising walks; I walked in the 3 Day walk 60+ miles; I wrote for magazines; I was on TV. Helping people it is always what I do best.

Then I had an opportunity to live in Costa Rica to heal from an issue in my life, and I took it. I worked with a plastic surgeon there, and we helped women diagnosed with breast cancer. It was a beautiful year for me, and I enjoyed it so much.

When I returned, I came back to my favorite city in the US, Chicago, and this time I worked in wound care. Once a nurse, always a nurse. It was there that I met and married the love of my life.

The next 20 years were perfect. We traveled. My husband wrote a book about food and wine matching and won an award in France for it, and we went there to receive the recognition he so deserved. We moved to Florida and spent a lot of time exploring almost every mile of that state. We had actually reached a decision to move on and live in the mountains of North Georgia after he had recovered from open heart surgery. Everything was going so well and then one night he walked out into our garden to take care of our roses and when he came back in, he collapsed and died in my arms. He had promised me forever but never told me when his forever would run out.

Here I am, still helping people because it helps me. We can soar together. I will be the wind beneath your wings.

Big PS here is Rosie:

4-legged therapist
The amazing sweet Rosie