About the Butterfly


Hello I am Carole Sanek and I am an expressive creator of great content.  I create content that gets eyeballs on you and your business.

After years of people saying “HELP ME” I rose to the challenge and started my business.  I am here to “HELP YOU” with social media marketing and more.  I offer branding AND consulting about how to make your social media more successful.  I can help you decide the best social media platform for your social media PR needs. I have already walked on all the hot coals of understanding social media marketing and I do it because I like to do it.

I am full-service to your branding/content creation/social media needs.

My latest endeavor is one of a personal nature.  I am writing a book, a publisher found me, and in 2020 “Fractured” will be available.  I always knew there was a book in me, I just had no clue what I would write about until I was fractured. More coming soon, I promise.


I would like to make you feel comfortable about my background and experience. I started college as an English major with a minor in Literature.  I switched majors though taking a total 180 and landed in nursing.  I have been writing all my life in one way or another.  I am a published author.  I have written for a tourist magazine in Georgia, I have written medical papers for physicians, I am published in Breast Cancer Wellness magazine Spring, 2012 and I have been blogging on many different blog sites for 8 years.

In 2012 I was awarded “1 of 23 Best Breast Cancer Blogs” by heathline.com

In 2014 I was awarded “1of 60 Best Cancer Blogs” by delimmune.com

In early 2015 I was awarded this again as having “1 of the 60 Best Cancer Blogs” by delimmune.com and that blog on http://isurviveddamnneareverything.com is about surviving many things not just cancer.

I learned social media marketing at the hands of experts by attending many classes both online and in person and I am constantly learning the latest and greatest new ideas. Social Media is always changing and I want to be as “in the know” as I can be.

I am also a public speaker and I write my own scripts.  I have co-hosted public charity work with Reginald Roundtree of Channel 10 news in Tampa/St Pete.  I have been a guest columnist for our local newspaper, Hernando Today, and I did a documentary on PBS/Tallahassee on breast cancer in 1994. Last year (2016) I am spoke at 8 conferences and meetings about either content creation, social media PR or podcasting.

In 2014 I launched a podcast I created with several other women aptly named The Crazy Marketing Ladies Show where we had some of the biggest thought leaders in social media, marketing offline, networking and so much more.  It has been a dream of mine to have a podcast, but I retired it when I moved toward doing live video a year ago.

I am returning to podcasting as I write my book because podcasting is an amazing marketing tool for anyone’s business.

I walked 60 miles in the 3-Day Breast Cancer walk and that is my proudest accomplishment because I do not like to sweat and I had to sweat.

I do not try to do what I cannot do, but I will find you the right person if you stump me.

I can help you be more proficient and efficient in a very short time or I can help you brand your business and take it to new heights.

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