#ThriveLive began on 2/9/18 as a live-streaming event on Facebook meant to encourage people to not think about staying in the “survive zone” but to go beyond that and thrive.

We all survive many things in life, and thriving afterwards often needs a boost or a kick in the ass. I started it to give people a collective kick in the ass. 3 years later I am still doing it every Tuesday night at 7:30pm and it fills my heart to be there.

When I really looked at what I have been doing for 3 years, I realized I have been doing free coaching. That’s all good. I am a helper and a giver, so doing free coaching is fine with me considering people tell me they take my coaching seriously and many have changed their lives around positively.

It is so easy to find me on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/carolelynnesanek There is also a page and a super secret group you can ask to join. The page is https://www.facebook.com/ThriveLivewithCarole

I wanted to introduce you to it with my first blog post here because it is part of my coaching business and the place where I will build my tribe.

7:30PM EST on Tuesday evenings, come join us, we have a great time and we thrive.

Take a magic wand we are about to create magic.


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