I Want to Read 1,000 Stories

Yes, you read that right; I want to read 1,000 stories. I have made it my mission to read 1,000 stories.

We all have stories, many stories, and I am looking for the one that resonates with you. The one that when I tell my story suddenly has you feeling a sinking feeling in your stomach because you identify with it.

Your stories are safe with me. If I refer to one, it will be to talk about the guts of your story, not who you are or give an identifying information. I promise privacy or I would have never asked to read it.

I became a life coach based on one of my stories. As I wrote it and told it, I wrote a book. During the process of writing this book, I was in therapy.

While I was in therapy and I remembered how several years prior to this therapy, I had experienced a revelation about myself from when I was a child of 3 or 4 years old. It surprised me to have this memory surface. It made perfect sense though, showing me how the framework of my life patterned it because of this.

In therapy I worked with the earliest memory I had and I didn’t move forward through the years. Of course, those memories came back to me and still need to fit into the right boxes in the trauma center of my brain.

As my memories revealed more and more, I knew I wanted to become certified as a life coach. I have always been a helper; I wanted to have more training, and I wanted to be a better listener, and most of all I wanted to help people soar in their lives. Soaring feels so good.

Here I am, my mission is helping 10,000 people live in the thrive zone, and it will all begin with reading 1,000 stories and for the record your stories won’t end up in a book.

If you are good with having me read your story, please send it to me at carolesanek@fractured.life

This is how I started my story: Hello, my name is Carole, and I have abandonment issues from childhood that gave me the “gift” of generalized anxiety disorder. This is my story…

How often do you feel like this?


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