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The Crazy Marketing Ladies Show Updates


The crAzy marketing ladies show has made some big changes.

  • First and foremost we added a male perspective.
  • Every Wednesday Johnny Gwin joins me in our #LessThan5 segment where we discuss marketing pros, cons, bad, good and more.  We also are pretty darn funny.
  • Are you writing a book?
  • Would you like to write a book?
  • We just had a 2 part series with Barbara Grassey-The Book Boss and we are in and out of the rabbit hole from time to time but Barbara’s advice is spot on and worth listening to both parts.
  • We are so excited to announce we have guests booked ALL THE WAY to March 2017 and a lot of our focus in 2017 will be on the arts as in authors, film, TV and video
  • The longer interview with successful entrepreneur shows go live on Wednesdays
  • Next interview is with the successful actors from the Canadian TV Show “Happy Her”.
  • Would you like to be a guest down the road?  We are always looking for successful entrepreneurs or power women to share good advice. Is this you or someone you know?
  • Remember our #LessThan5 segments are less than 5 minutes long (except when Johnny and I chat then we call it #NeverMorethan10
  • I will be in Ft. Lauderdale in 2 weeks to speak at NAGLREP and my topic is Podcasting-From Creation to Sensation I will also be posting great interviews I will record from there.
  • November brings DC Podfest and I will be there with one of my co-hosts, Robyn Sayles.  We will be talking about using the Fascination Advantage to improve your verbal and written message.

Thanks Everyone!  The Crazy Marketing Ladies Show thanks you also.

Ft Lauderdale Talking Podcasting.

Ft Lauderdale Talking Podcasting.





Podcasts. What did I talk about?  Who was on the show?  What you missed is always available.  Podcasts don’t die and blow away.  No, you can always go back and listen to what you might have missed.

I have wanted to put out a weekly recap for a while now and I finally carved out the time to do it.

On last week under the segment of #LessThan 5 where I talk marketing in less than 5 minutes (duh) I gave tips, ideas and advice as follows:

Monday #LessThan5 #126 is about content marketing

Tuesday #LessThan5 #127 is about digital marketing in your small business

Wednesday #LessThan5 #128 is about #GoVirtual

Thursday #LessThan5 #129 is about the importance of friends in business

Friday #LessThan5 #130 is always #FocusRecess time

On Interviews with Entrepreneurs, Episode #90 I spoke with Sarah and Ben Guest of Cyberlicious about analytics.  While the audio was a little rough, the topic is something most of us under-appreciate or just plain do not understand.

Power Women Speak Episode #91 I went live with my interview with Jayne Arrington who is a walking, talking bundle of energy and we discuss her career in Tribal Belly Dance.  She is so inspiring.

What’s coming next week?

In honor of the Olympic games coming to a close I held my interview with Coach Faye Kitariev who choreographed Johnny Weir to a medal and coached Sasha Cohen too in the winter games.  My editor was blown away by Coach Faye’s interview.

I also plan to go live with my interview with a female CPA and we did go down the rabbit hole a couple of times in this interview.

Then there is my podcast about WWII called “The Nearness of You”.  It is housed on

I am so busy lining up interviews, talking to people about their memories, reading my dad’s love letters home and more.  I am always looking for stories and guests to be on this show.  It is growing in popularity and is near and dear to my heart.  New episode will go live this week.

My parents are in the upper right hand corner of my logo/album cover here:

Keeping the romance and memories alive.

Keeping the romance and memories alive.

Yes, I have many podcasts.  I thoroughly enjoy doing them and bringing info to you

Thank you.


My Brand New Baby and it is ALL About Branding

Where we express YOU with pizazz.

Where we express YOU with pizazz.

This is the new baby.  The brand new baby and it is ALL about branding.

We are so excited to announce that we have brought everything we do under one roof so to speak.  Butterfly Boom Productions because we produce.  That makes sense right?

That makes us a production company.

Hey I am the Chief Expressive Creator so if I put it in writing it must be so.

Hear Ye!  Hear Ye!

Carole Sanek – Chief Expressive Creator

• Social Media PR/Branding – we get eyeballs on you
• Social Media Consultations – we tweak your presence
• Content Creation – we create great content
• Blog Set-up – we get you started in blogging
• Ghost Writing – we write for you
• Podcast Lessons – we teach you
• Podcast Production – we edit and submit to your host
• My Website:
• My Email:
• By Phone: 352-540-0177

• The Crazy Marketing Ladies Show
• The Nearness of You (Coming Soon)
I develop visually-oriented content for clients using my insightful emotions and expressive energies.

BUTTERFLY BOOM PRODUCTIONS – come fly with me I think outside the net!!


Be Very Careful What Images You Use when Blogging


Be very carefly what images you use when blogging. I wasn’t careful and I got busted.  Those of us who blog often go looking for images to use in our blogs and I managed to use the wrong image.  It cost me.  I used a cartoon image of a dog with complete credit going to the artist and company – guess what – that won’t cover your butt.

Imagine my surprise when I opened my email while I was on flipping vacation to see a payment demand for copyright infringement.  How dare it arrive in the middle of my vacation is what I thought.

I immediately went in and took the blog post down.  That won’t get you off the hook either.  If you posted it and a law office or a company that does nothing but look for infractions contacts you, taking it down is NOT good enough.  You owe the fine.

In my case if wasn’t horrible.  $83.40 to be exact.  I also know it could have been a lot worse.  Several years ago a friend got into a demand for tens of thousands of dollars.  Yes you read that right.  Blogging is an easy place for us to make a faux pas.  I never realized that what I did was a copyright infringement.  It was – I paid.

In my case I always move my blogging forward to my Pinterest account and that’s where the copyright trolls found me.  Don’t get me wrong, I agree I should have purchased the license to use the cartoon.  I agree artists and photographers should be paid for their work.  I made an honest mistake and the troll company busted me.  Here is a link to a company that had to pay a lot more money than I did with their blogging.

I shared this link because it can happen to you.  I am very careful now with blogging and posting images.  Consider this my $83.40 gift to you so you do not use an image that could cost you your business.

FYI this is a copyright free image…….

Do Not Feed The Troll

Do Not Feed The Troll


If My Vagina Could Talk (It Would Ask for a Raise)

If my vagina could talk (just a fun post) it would ask for a raise.

If my vagina could talk (just a fun post) it would ask for a raise.

If my vagina could talk (it would ask for a raise) is an idea I gave in a presentation today about how provocative articles DO get opened.

3 of the 5 Crazy Marketing Ladies were invited a while back to present to a women’s group locally and my 30 minutes was all about how to get great content creation ideas.

I had gone to a local craft store to buy all their glitter covered foam tiaras because I have my audience put them on to enforce that content is what?  King.  It works very well, I must say because they do put them on their heads.

One of the secrets I tell about finding creative content ideas is to look at the cover of magazines and pull from the “come ons” they print there and convert them into great topics.

There I was buying up all the foam tiaras available at the local craft store and as I was standing in the check-out line magazines were staring me in the face.  My eyes scanned all the different titles and “comes ons” and came to rest on “Women’s Health” November 2014 issue and right there on the cover was  this:

“If your vagina could talk”.

Seriously – go look next time you are standing in the check out line. (Look fast.)

That was a moment of perfection for me in my presentation on content creation.  When the particular slide appeared where I talk about using the “come ons” from magazine front covers  I reached into my bag of props, pulled out this particular magazine and asked “are there any men in the room”?

There was one.  I figured he knew the word “vagina” and I just kept going.  Laughter rang throughout the room – and my point was proven.  Provocative works… gets laughs, it gets read, and you score.

Great day – great presentation – great audience – great guy!

I was told later he was from the California corporate office and he can handle “provocative”.  Good because if your vagina could talk this entire world might change, right?

It might even ask for a raise!!!!!


My Answers to 5 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Social Media Agency


My answers to 5 questions to ask before hiring a social media agency follow the link to the original article which is a “must read”.

Five Plus

5 Social Media Questions

When I saw the subject of the email I just about jumped for joy. The timing of having it show up in my inbox was perfect.

Over the weekend I had posted a photo of a price list from a social media agency with my thoughts that either I was seriously underpricing my services or this social media agency had seriously overpriced their services.  The point of view I was coming from was that people need to really understand what they are paying for and that viewing a price list like the one I posted fell short of the 5 questions for sure.

Here is the link to the article then I will answer the questions:

1.  What Distinguishes You from Your Competitors?

First of all we don’t have competition, as egotistical as that sounds, we don’t.  We are different and we realize there are similar businesses to us but we can stand alone as a unique agency.

What sets us apart?  Let’s begin with the number of posts we do on the social media platforms our clients hire us to use for them.

Recently a real estate agent in South Florida asked for a proposal and shared with us the websites of the social media agencies that were “preferred vendors”.  We don’t bash, we just smile when we see these low ball prices because as in most cases you get what you pay for, don’t you?

While they are posting 1 or maybe 2 posts per day on certain platforms, we base our proposal packages on the platform itself and the type of business the client has.  We give our clients a minimum of 4 posts/day on Facebook and G+.  We give our clients a minimum of 6 posts/day on LinkedIn, and we Tweet about 20 times a day.

We also answer any question we can, and if the question is outside the scope of our knowledge about your business we reach out to you immediately.

We also do not use software programs that create their posts – all our work is original.

Then there is customer service. We answer the phone, we answer a text, we answer an email as quickly as we can and most of the time immediately.  7 days a week, 16 hours a day (we do sleep).

These are just several things that make us different.  Ask us we will share!

2. Do I Need to Be on Every Site?

Oh my goodness no.  When we begin the process of preparing a proposal for any client we look at your website.  We look at any and all social media platforms you are using.  We look at your blog if you have one and then we call you and discuss the areas that we feel need focus.  We do make suggestions of adding additional platforms down the road but we help all clients choose the best place to be for their business.

We understand the demographics of the users of social media sites.

We attend 2-3 big social media conferences each year where we rub elbows with some of the biggest thought leaders in content marketing.  Last year at Social Media Marketing World in San Diego we chose which presenters we wanted to learn from, and we made sure we got one-to-one time, if possible, with these people.

3.  What is Your Process for Content Development?

First of all we spend a set amount of time doing research every day, sometimes 7 days a week, for clients.

We check your target market, and our research is based on reaching them.  We look for your target markets pain point and that is what we address in posting.

We do create content calendars.  We believe it is important to “train” your fans, followers, connections etc., to look for your posts.

We do share links from other thought leaders related to a client and we read every link before we share it.

All photos we use that clients do not provide, are royalty free so there is never an infringement on anyone at all.

Yes, we use humor at times, if it is appropriate and with permission from the client.

This is what we do not do:


Social Media Humor

Humor, maybe, but we don’t joke around.






4.  What is Your Process for Reporting?

All clients get a report monthly – the first week of the former month.  This report is pages – as in plural – of statistics including Google Analytics.  Clients let us know when they are available to discuss the report, and we speak on the phone, or face-to-face if local.

5.  How Do You Measure Success?

We know that in most cases it takes time to see that huge leap in sales and/or leads.  Your followers need to learn to trust you.  We watch for all of these: engagement, click-through-rate, web traffic, organic reach, paid reach, and conversions.

Wrapping it All Up from the Perspective of Social Butterfly Media Marketing LLC:

We have no problem answering your questions at all.  We are in business to get your business the results you want and we welcome questions.

Our staff includes the following:

  • 2 virtual assistants
  • an SEO consultant
  • an IT dude
  • an offline marketing thought leader with a graduate degree
  • a firefly of a networking/connection-making woman who never stops going
  • a photographer
  • and moi, The Butterfly, and CEO of our amazing company, published author
Social Butterfly Media Marketing

Come Fly With Us, We Think Outside the Net







What’s Next?

Free Marketing Advice

Pod Cast Show – where crazy and marketing collide.

We launch our pod cast The Crazy Marketing Ladies Show – where crazy and marketing collide in October.





Want to Know More?

Email me:





6 Reasons Why a Small Business Needs Social Media


The 6 reasons why a small business needs social media all boil down to Be So Goodnumbers.

  • People now use social media as an automated search – Facebook is a search engine
  • 47% of small business maintain a FaceBook page – which means you should too!
  • 97% of consumers now use online media when researching local products
  • 58% report using an online promotion when shopping for local products and services
  • 200 – the average number of friends one person has on Facebook.
  • 208 – the average number of followers one person has on Twitter.

We are not suggesting that social media is a sure-fire way to propel your business to the top.  Social media is an enhancement to other marketing avenues that you should already have in your marketing arsenal.

Every piece of print advertising you do should include a way for people to find your business on social media.

Your business card should include your social media sites.

You should never send an email without your social media links in your signature and they need to be linked to the social media logo so people can click on the link and go directly to your social media site.

Anything you put in someone’s hands should have a call to action present driving them to look you up

Look at those 6 reasons again – do you see the potential here for getting more business?

Remember social media only works if you work it, and if that just boggles your mind, call us or email us and we will be happy to give you a free consultation on the best social media practices for you.  We can get you started.  We can work with you.  We can do it for you.

Call today 352-540-0177 or email us at






What Should You Do with a Negative Comment?


When someone hits me with a negative comment guess what I do.

A) I go sit in the corner and cry

B) I plot all kinds of evil revenge

C) I get negative back

D) All of the above

Killing the Roadrunner

Okay Okay I do not do any of those things because no one puts the butterfly in the corner.

What do I do?  If I can reach out (privately) to the person that posted something ugly and come to some resolution then I post something about being happy (BS) that we could reach an agreement.

This obviously doesn’t work with every Haterade guzzling person.

What shouldn’t you do?  Don’t take it down unless of course it threatens your life, your mother, your dog, your cat – you get the idea.  By the time you see it 100 or more other people have seen it so taking it down makes you look like you have something to hide.


Two years ago I entered a contest to win a cruise on Facebook.  The contest included telling my story in 1000 words and one morning I opened my email to learn I was one of five finalists.  WHAM! BAM! I was thrown into the wild wacky world of trolling for votes.  All 5 stories were put on line and people had to vote either by email or on Facebook for the story they liked best.  Two of my closest friends voted for all 5 of us – I don’t talk to them anymore (kidding).

I won but there was a couple on the west coast who tried to say I had “paid for votes” by doing this – are you ready?  One of my friends offered a one hour computer clean up for free to one of her FB friends if they all voted for me.  Seriously a computer clean up is such an awesome reason to vote.

The company that ran the contest wasn’t too thrilled with this west coast couple because they got really down and dirty with their posts and accusations.

I did go into a corner and pout over this attack.

I asked if the posts could be taken down, and the answer was that the posts needed to stay for 3 days.  OMG that was brutal.

During those 3 days I played Nancy Drew detective and I found a post where one of this couple’s friends offered a trip for votes.  Now that trip offer trumped my friend’s computer clean up.  After I gloated for a day I sent the offer to the company and the negative comments came down on day 3.

I got to thinking about that 3 day decision and realized that there must be an emotional connection to allowing an negative comment to live on a wall for 3 days.  My guess is it appeases the complainer and maybe it takes 3 days to move on from anger/disappointment/whatever.

Last week it happened on a Facebook page I manage.  An unhappy woman complained that she had missed out on an opportunity to join a sold out event because we did not get back to her.  It was quite the “disappointed” comment and she got no validation, nada.

On the 3rd day I took it down if she comes back she will have to go away into “banned land”, but I am hoping it made her feel better to have her negative comment live for 3 days.

And that is how I handle negative comments and how I handle my customer’s negative comments too.



Fun With Google and You


I Google my name at least once a month.  No I don’t do it because I love myself, I do it because I like myself and I want to know what is being said about me in case someone has not been kind.

Then there is the issue of images, I want to see the images that Google has with my name on them.

This is easy, go to Google and type your name in like this “your name” – with the quotation marks.  I share this little tidbit of knowledge in all my online classes.

It’s amazing but what if there is something there that paints you in a bad light or is totally completely false.

I dug into the vaults of Google information and came up with this advice:

Google Information Click Here

It definitely will take some work and some time on your part or you could write a blog post titled “I DID NOT DO WHAT GOOGLE SAYS I DID SO DO NOT BELIEVE IT.”  That will get you all kinds of positive reinforcement won’t it?

Remember though that Google is not the whole Internet even if it appears that way so you will have more work to do to clear your name.

Facebook and Twitter are much easier.  You have report options and I know first-hand that when you report something it will get taken care of PDQ.  Remember when you are posting to sites like this that they “own” everything you post right down to your photos.  People can copy what you say, copy your photos, copy any darn thing they want and you have no control over where it goes from there.  On the flip side if you post something and then delete it – breaking news it is not gone.  It can end up in court.  Facebook always has it on their servers.  It can be used in divorce, it can be used to ID people in a crowd when there has been a problem say with the law.

Mark Zuckerberg once said “a world that’s more open and connected is a better world.”  Of course he would say that.

How Your Private Photos Get “Stolen” from Facebook

Remember Mark’s sisters photos ended up on Twitter and boy was she ticked off.

Here is some really good advice about staying private on Facebook, Twitter and LInkedIn.

Condoms to Protect You

I totally freak out when I see babies with their own Facebook page.  I feel parents and grandparents who do this are missing 50% of their gray matter because if you really feel the need to have your baby’s pictures on Facebook so your family can see them, make a secret group.

Me, I am as transparent as the day is long.  I have a business, I don’t mind being found.  I want to be found.  Do I post photos, yes.  Do I post personal things, yes but with care.  Some of my posts are public especially blogs and links.  Many of my posts are to my friends only and I make lists and I use my lists.  I have a “special friends” list and that is where my girlfriend talk goes.  Yes I allow followers to my public posts, I have picked up customers from my followers and followers rarely get accepted as friends.

Speaking of friends and apps and other people and things that sound too good to be true, vet everyone.  I do.  I Google them, I Google the apps.  I Google everyone, everything and by the way Southwest Airlines is not giving away free tickets.  Stop clicking on that app.

The bottom line is you are in control of your privacy and when in doubt before you post or Tweet walk away and think about that post/photo/video.

Private Parts images (3)





$1 a Minute – How Much Are Your Written Words Worth?


I love to write.  I freelance for fun and for money.  I ghost write for customers.  I know where to find good, make that great, content and I never have writer’s block.  Today I had to ask myself how much are my written words worth?

Today I saw an offer to write for a website and when I looked at their payment arrangement I immediately contacted several writers I know to run the what you get paid for what you write that gets published and we all said “No way.”

Now I know that many people believe they are good writers.  I know is filled with people who will write articles for you for $5 but in the world of building trust in writing blog and website articles would you really trust your business to a $5 writer?

I decided to Google the going rate for writers and I found interesting information.

For example from I found this list of guidelines for paying a writer:

  • If the blogger has to write posts of a certain minimum length
  • If the blogger has to research post topics or come up with topics on her own or if you plan to provide post topics and information
  • If the blogger has to find and include images in the post
  • If the blogger has to include a specific number or set of links in posts
  • If the blogger has to categorize and tag posts
  • If the blogger has to use any plugins that add time to creating a post
  • If the blogger has to promote posts and drive traffic to them
  • If the blogger has to moderate comments
  • If the blogger has to respond to comments

I actually do this for my customers, and myself.  I have been educated in SEO.  I am taking classes in designing Infographics, I “blogfeed” their blogs.  My per article price is not $5 and it is certainly more than $25.  I write no more than 250-300 maybe 400 words why?  People won’t read more than that.  They won’t scroll, so I keep my articles above the fold.  You know what the fold is right?

I won an award for blogging that gives me credence.

If you want to get paid for what you write see that list up there – that’s what you should be providing after all the reason anyone hires you is to grow their business.  Bad boring writing won’t do that for anyone.

My fee turns out to be $1 a minute and before you think “WOW that’s a lot of money to pay for an article” I am actually in the ballpark because I give some things away for free.  It takes me no more than 60 minutes to do most of that list and I answer comments for free. I know what my written words are worth to me, do you know what your written words are worth to you?

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