Coming Soon 6/13 – 6/19

COMING SOON here and on any podcast channel you use, and this is a HOT HOT topic week.

On 6/13 which is mental health moments day I talk about how you should stick with me I am here for everyone.

6/14 on love moments I talk about how I am taking applications for a good male friend. Friendship first.

6/15 is our loss moments day and I share some grief coaching work as I am now a grief coach.

6/16 I called the episode The Big O – you will have to listen to see what I am referring to LOL.

6/17 is called New Car because I have a new car and I talk about how I got the price WAY down.

6/18 is one wish – if you had one wish.

6/19 is get your butt going day and I talk about respect or why you may not be respected.

There you go.