I Am A Well-Transitioned Storyteller

I have a good idea of why I have been chosen to interview with Story Studio TV. Somehow, through the miracle of Artificial Intelligence discovery of my stories happened. I broke the rules on LinkedIn and I posted my stories even though for years as a social media thought leader; I taught people to use a posting schedule, giving out good advice to succeed in business and never, ever deviate from the schedule.

When I first re-entered the world of LinkedIn last March, I hired a VA to tweak my account and help me grow. She did that and then gave me the same list I used to give my clients; post this on Monday, this on Tuesday, etc.

I tried that and had a big laugh, that is not me at all. I am a storyteller, and when I returned to storytelling on LinkedIn, Story Studio TV found me. I stepped outside the box and colored outside the lines and tomorrow is the big day.

I started writing from my point of view, sharing my stories, and my stories are about the transitioning I have done throughout the post-covid world, but wait, it goes back to the year before Covid.

My life from 2019 to now is about the big bang theory that occurred in my life. It began with the sudden death of my husband, collided with covid and that is when my writing became more profound, more inspirational, and more personal because change is needed.

This morning a dear friend and I were talking. I had suffered a hurtful disappointment, and I had mentioned maybe I needed to tone my personality down, that maybe I needed to be demurer (there’s a noble word). She told me I absolutely need to remain the woman I am, blunt, resilient, and full of piss and vinegar. That was the moment I saw myself rising like a Phoenix out of the ashes (again). I have singed my feathers one too many times, but I still fly. I fly high.

It is 1986 and I am at the NBC studios in Burbank, and I hear myself say “Pat, I would like to buy a vowel”. I can hear myself asking for the darn vowel. I don’t remember if I bought one, however, I see my appearance on Wheel of Fortune in my mind’s eye. I know I experienced a huge transition then, and I have had multiple transitions since that time. It became the starting point, the ground zero of my transitioning in this many post-happenings world.

In February, 2018, I started my live streaming event on Facebook. I have loyal viewers, and every week I talk about a topic to help people think. I use it as a vessel to give people free coaching hoping to set their thought patterns in a better direction because people we cannot return to 2 years ago. We live in a post-covid world, some of you live in a post-covid wilderness.

I try to throw life preservers out every Tuesday evening because I want people to see their own transitions and let go of life at the end of 2019. My life is all about thriving and not surviving and my goal is to open other people’s eyes to the glory one can find in thriving.

We have to start somewhere.

How is your transition going?

I fly high.