The Importance of Finding Your Purpose in Life

Well, here we are almost at the beginning of the 28-day challenge of finding your purpose here on Thrive Live From the Heart on Facebook.

We tend to go through life with preconceived ideas of what our purpose is, and these ideas often come from family and friends, communities and more.

Most leave you unfulfilled and you find yourself wandering and wondering.

I will share with you right now purpose is your why and it is essential to have you living a happy and healthy life.

Purpose is the long game not the short-term goal. We won’t reach the end of it.

We truly need a sense of purpose to sustain us over time. A purpose keeps us feeling connected to people and while it can change over time, change is not a bad thing.

When I was still doing live video, I had someone ask me how to find their purpose. Ready for a simple answer? What truly interests you? Sit down, write things down and don’t despair. Answers may take time.

In all the work I have done I have been a helper while wearing many different hats. However, I was still a helper and that is who I am now. In fact, I roared into this purpose almost 2 years ago. I did not even comprehend I was doing it until people pointed it out to me.

What you are actually doing is building a new life layer in your life and it doesn’t matter how old you are, you are never too old to build this life layer.

Your layer or layers will depend on you. Go back to my answer; what truly interests you.

I want you to know when you share with people who you are interesting conversations can begin.

I am a believer, a spiritual person, a writer, a designer of graphic inspirations, a kind and true helper, and a life coach.

See how this works? Well, let’s get started.

Time to find it, so join in.