Yes, please tell me what it is you think I do because I believe most people do not know, not really, I am sure I am going to laugh at the answers.

I am asking about the here and now. What do I do every day in the here and now?

I am going to help everyone. I am going to tell you all what it is I do.

First of all, I am a teller of tales. I am a writer. I am a published author. You should all know by now my first book is about grief, it is a love story peppered and braided with helpful ideas. It is a teaching memoir. I wrote about a segment of my life and included steps to help others navigate grief.

My second book, “Forgive” is close to being done and guess what genre it falls into. Easy-peasy, it is a self-help book about the benefits of forgiving yourself and others. I include examples aka stories from my life, so stay tuned. It is coming soon.

I also write every day on my Facebook feed. I use my feed as a journal space and I started doing that 4 years ago.

There you have it, plain and simple. I am a writer; I am a published author and I do these things to help others.

Wait, I just told you what else I do; the second thing. I am a certified licensed life coach and a helper. It is written all over the place I am a life coach. I do have clients; I do take clients. I AM A HELPER. I assist people in making decisions and choices to benefit them.

OKAY we have these answers so far.

I am a writer.

I am an author.

I am a helper.

I am a certified and licensed life coach.

But wait, there’s more.

If you truly know me, well then you know I am a podcaster.

My podcast is different than the rest. It is only 2 minutes long and I podcast every single day. Care to guess the venue? OKAY, that’s mean, I don’t expect anyone to know my schedule for the entire week however I have a different topic every day of the week.

If you have an Alexa device you can listen to it and subscribe to it and it will automatically play when you ask Alexa to play your daily flash briefings. Cool beans, right? Or you can find it on just about every podcast platform in the world.

I do a handful of other things too. I design photo quotes, I have a life coaching page, @thrivelivefromtheheart and a grief page @mourningthoughts, both are on the book of Face.

Over this past week in a good-sized group gathering, someone asked me to give my intro to my podcast. I stopped to think and when I spoke my opening words she stopped me when I said “and I am a high-value woman”.

AHA this is what comes turning on my spiritual electricity and makes me a high value woman. When I remember my value it is because I have turned my power on, and everything just flows along. I don’t question it. I don’t need a master electrician to make it all flow and my soul is visible to me.

There you have it all that I do, all that I am is because I love myself first and I am a high value woman helping to create high value in others.