A See-Through Woman

I am so transparent I am almost a see-through woman. I have no problem sharing my stories and allowing people to see who I really am.

Recently my soul was challenged in a way that hit me in my gut. I stood my ground though and I fought through it all.

When the clouds cleared, I saw the sky in a different way. It was still sunny but not as bright as it had been. I thought about that as I have almost always been an optimist in my life. I have always seen that damn glass as half full, and I have always believed everything would turn out just fine.

Maya Angelou has reminded us over the years when people show you who they are, believe them the first time.

We should have this tattooed somewhere on our bodies, or have a sign made with those words and hang it where we see it all the time.

I am just glad I saw it. Once upon a time I would ignore it and life would continue down the path until it happened again. Now I believe it can happen again or maybe it will happen again, and truthfully trust was cracked. It wasn’t totally broken, but cracked is enough to remind me the crack can deepen.

What really happened doesn’t matter, what does matter when this happens to anyone is it can change us. We really need to allow it to change us. There is always a lesson to be learned.

The sky is different. I am different. The rose-colored glasses have also been cracked and I can see more clearly now.

Not every storm brings us a rainbow. Not ever realization is soul-crushing. There are times when when opening our eyes is a good thing as we move forward.

Yes, the sky looks a little different to me now.