Yes, seek magic everyday. Easy-peasy right?

My personal issue with it all is that I let things go in February. It is a month of pain for me and while I always hope things will be better, they are not. Therefore no magic happened in February.

BUT I realized I have to get behind the wheel again and put my foot on the pedal and make magic happen. I am a thriver, in our super-secret group living is all about thriving not just surviving.

Trying new things, getting rid of old things, deciding the dream is worth it, knowing your worth. All of this is so important so what are you (we) waiting for is the question?

It is almost spring time – spring is a rebirth and it comes every year just like the rest of the seasons yet as winter ends and spring enters many of us are still suffering from the winter doldrums.

Now what?

The answer for me is cleaning house and not just physically cleaning my house but cleaning my emotional house, cleaning my wish-list house, yes, cleaning. I did clean my house this morning though, goodness my dog sheds a lot.

Back to seeking magic, if I had a magic wand I would just wave it and ask for what I want, what I need and fairy dust would sprinkle around falling on my life, my wants, my desires. Now that we all know this is not going to happen then there is nothing left to do but create magic. Seeking it is the formation of some ideas, and we all need to tell that idea that is perched somewhere close to us to jump into our heads and spread it’s magic so we can create.

Two years ago right now I was creating my podcast and I just recorded my 700th episode. There is a lot of magic in doing a daily show. I also created my group and it has taken on a peaceful life of its own. I became a life coach and the magic in it is I coach people every day for free. This is not really good, it is time to charge for my education and knowledge but that is still percolating. First up is finishing my book and getting it published. I have procrastinated enough and there is no magic in the word procrastination.

There I just put it out to the universe and guess what? The magic is happening. I have been looking for a journey on my coaching page in April and now I have one. We are going to go back to taking the forgiveness trail in our lives soon.

Do you have an idea sitting on your shoulder? Time to do something about it, time to take action, yes, it is time.


What are YOU waiting for?