In the Thriver’s Seat of Life

When I first began putting together my ideas about thriving in our lives over just surviving I did it because I had been working behind the scenes in many forms of breast cancer.


I wrote blog articles; I wrote for magazines, and I talked to so many people regarding the use of the word survive. To me, and to others, that word shouts victimology to me. I was a victim of breast cancer and I survived was not a thought that resonated well with me.


I didn’t just survive; I was in thrive mode. In fact, I am to this day still in what I call the thriver’s seat. Not much throws me off the highway of my life because I am like the Phoenix. I know how to rise from the ashes and while one day this will not hold true, now it does.


I am loud. I am brash. I make noise. I will not be thought of as dead and gone until my name is mentioned for the very last time. Hell, this means I can “live” for decades yet.


As I was recording my latest podcast episodes, I did some deep soul searching for positive thoughts in this time of living in a negative world.


I know this for sure. You cannot hide your feelings. If you are feeling the pain from events in this world, not talking about them or thinking about them will come back and bite you. The best thing to do in this turmoil is talk it out. Even if this means talking to yourself out loud.


Remember, the media is always after ratings, so pick where you want to receive your news, and when. You don’t want to be hearing horrific things right before bed, and maybe not right at the beginning of your day, either.


I have learned to thrive happens best when you begin with yourself. Yes, back to putting yourself in the thriver’s seat of your life.


Being alone had finally shown me I can love myself first, I can choose me, I can kick others to the curb, and once I understood this thriving became easy.


You can do it too. If you are hung up and stuck,

reach out to me. My email address is right here on this page or you can even comment on this article.


I am here for you. I thrive. You can too.

Watch me thrive.