Yes, choose you. Often when we pull away from something or someone, we do it because we realize it will not work, or we can’t be around someone with disingenuous feelings and, of course, for other reasons.


I am currently finishing my book “Forgive”. I recently had an experience where I still need to forgive a person AND myself. It is so important to forgive ourselves for allowing our super-egos to rule our decisions over listening to our inner voices, or in my case, my soul.


I decided based on someone else’s actions and his lack of taking action. In another lifetime, I would have settled. I would have believed I had the power to change someone–there is that super-ego again.


Now I say it loud and proud–I choose myself. I cannot change someone else; they have to change themselves and change is possible. I know this because I just changed and I am damn proud of it.


There is a lesson in every experience and when I pulled the plug, I wrote the email in under 5 minutes and I did not hesitate; I pushed send. No blame, no you did or didn’t do this, just goodbye.


I was sad for several hours only because sometimes things were great, but the ugly overshadowed the great. In this case he wanted me to choose him and leave me behind. I saw my persona disappearing and I still let my super-ego intervene one more time. Then the rules came out. Rules about the future, and I don’t do rules, no one should. Compromises are one thing rules are just that: rules.


If you see yourself in what I have written this morning, please choose you. Don’t get caught in a trap of allowing anyone to dismember your purpose in life.


Choose you, I did and the relief was immense.


I also learned I could do it, I can do it, I believe in myself.

I Do Believe in Me
Choose You!