Yes, holy hate Batman, says Robin, and a shot was heard around the world.

No wait, it isn’t just Robin. Many more people are sitting in a world of disbelief as they see and even experience hate everywhere they turn.

Going a step further, what is holy about hate? Not a damn thing, but it is out there and it is shocking.

I did research on hatred being holy and it surprised me to find this written by Pastor Ed Collins.


I have to admit I had not considered the Biblical meaning of it all. I have enough trouble trying to understand those who stood on the street corners and screamed about the end of the world for years.

Now I wonder if they were right.

How far have we gone? Who or what is to blame? I think back to when there was no Internet and I reflect on the fact that yes, life was easier on our heads and hearts then. We carved out our opinions based on what we read in the newspapers or saw on television news.

We discussed it around the dinner table, or at work, or with friends and family when we gathered together, if we discussed it at all. We were more private and when a zealot spewing his hatred showed up, we usually tuned him out or we crossed the street.

Now when a hate clown shows up, anyone disagreeing with him pulls out their devices and shouts it out to the entire social media world.

Before you know it, two sides are using dueling words and guess what? Bad PR is still PR.

THIS. This happened and like I first wrote, it was the shot heard round the world.

The circumstances go deeper than what I am writing about. There is always more to the story or, as Sergeant Joe Friday said, “All we want are the facts, ma’am.”

I don’t have the facts; I am writing from a perspective of shock over the reaction people have to those who spew hate. The argument is still going on over the situation of defining “freedom of speech”.

That is an argument for the courts. Right now there are just a lot of surprised or pissed off people.

Hate causes this to happen.